Time left to submit your recordings!


1. Can a solo drummer take part?
Yes, we’d love to have a bunch of drummers and percussionists playing in the last section after verse 5, where the drums have their solo. Please don’t record drum kit parts as we have that covered, but feel free to bash away at a floor tom, Bodhrán, Lambeg drum, cajon, djembe or anything else you have lying around.

2.  Can churches or soloists take part if they are not in Ireland?
Only if they are joining in with a church or Christian organisation in Ireland which is submitting an entry.

3.  Can two or more people be in a video or does everyone need to be in a separate video?
Yes, but only if they are together in one household. This may include families & residential Religious communities. If you have two or more people in a video together, it’d be helpful to have the audio as separate files. People may not come together outside of each jurisdiction’s Government regulations.

4.  Can submissions from inter-denominational choirs take part?
Yes, absolutely!

5.  Is it okay to use the track with vocals on it as a guide, to ensure timing with other singers?
Choirs should use the main backing track.
Soloists should use the backing track no vocal.
You can record in the way that makes you feel most comfortable, but we suggest that you don’t sing along to the other singers if you are attempting a solo part. We’re looking for all sorts of character and interpretations in those solo verses, so please try and keep to the melody but sing it the way you would normally.

6.  Can gospel and classical choirs do submissions do only on their designated verses?
If choirs prefer, they can just sing the parts they are best suited for their style. But we need all choirs to record the end tag after ‘Be Thou My Vision.’

7.  What if I am a singer, but my choir/group isn’t applying and I don’t feel comfortable recording as a solo singer?
As a singer you have three options; record a solo part, record a choral part by yourself or submit a part as part of a choir. We anticipate that many people won’t want to sing a solo part, and spaces for featuring solo vocalists will be limited, but anyone submitting a choral part will be included in one way or another (providing the number of total submissions doesn’t overwhelm us.)

8.  What if my instrument cannot adjust to the modulation?
We recommend that you record the section that suits your key and indicate this in file submission.

9.  I’m not confident that my choir will be able to record something of this standard.
We want to encourage a really wide range of applicants. Obviously we don’t want anyone to have sleepless nights, but we would love if as many choirs and groups gave it a go.



1.  Do I submit two files, one audio and one video?
Yes, unless you are submitting something to be considered for a solo vocal or instrumental in which case you should record the audio and video at the same time. Please make sure that you follow the correct file-naming process as outlined in our guidelines.

2.  How can I ensure my submission will feature?
It is our intention to include all the audio that is submitted. The one exception for this is solo vocals where the sheer scale of submissions will make it impossible to feature everyone. A panel will choose which solo voices and videos are featured in the final video. We are putting high priority on the need for diversity and community representation as well as the quality of performance. We aspire to include as many people as we can, but the editors’ decision is final. All names of those who submit will be included in the list of participants on the YouTube description.

3. What’s the preferred file format?
MP4 is the preferred format for video. For audio, we can accept all standard audio formats (.wav, .aiff, .mp3 etc) but would prefer .wav or .aiff, but please don’t worry too much about this. As long as it’s reasonable quality it’ll be fine.

4. How should churches go about producing their own local versions?
Your church group or organisation is welcome to use the backing track as the basis for your own local video should you wish to bless your own community in that way. Local churches will need to coordinate their own editing and online platforms for this. Please do not let it be seen online before 31st May. We want to focus public attention on the main video for the release day. Please use the hashtag #theirishblessing in any release, so that we can improve algorithms for every upload.

5. Do those submitting instrumental parts do so in separate files?
Yes. If for example, you are a guitarist and a vocalist, please record your vocal and your guitar separately.

6. Can a submission be made by an individual or an independent community, not attached to a denomination?
We are negotiating with a host body, we have to do this for charitable purposes and also to prevent liability against us. Therefore, we require everyone to operate under some Christian structure.
If this independent community can find some Christian structure, which works for them, then this is fine. However, it is essential for us that everyone is under someone’s structural guidance.
We have this in place to also prevent hijacking of this special project.

7.  What is I normally work with an echo?
Please, no echo, we can add it, if necessary.


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