All local Irish churches, North, South, East and West, are warmly invited to participate in recording a common blessing for a local cause dealing with Coronavirus.
Churches, choirs and Christian groups are encouraged to co-ordinate a recording of their members singing the agreed hymn. They are asked to dedicate their blessing to a group in their local community, such as; a local health centre, hospital, nursing home or charity, or even a prison, women’s shelter or refugee centre. Each Church will choose who they dedicate their blessing to and they will be invited to share it at an agreed time on their own social media, as well as with us.
A central guide track and guidelines provided will be provided and shared on this website on Saturday 16th May.
We want all churches to know that they are included in this initiative. We want to encourage the widest possible participation, denominationally, geographically and also in terms of backgrounds of age, ethnicity and abilities, all representing the richness of an Irish Blessing and the spirit of Pentecost.

There are two parts to the project. The first stage takes place in local churches across the island. Through this we hope that thousands of people will take part.
Then these local recordings can be submitted for consideration into an North/South collaborative video (in the style of The UK Blessing.) While Elevation Worship’s version of The Blessing has been used by a growing international list of Christian artists, there is a strong consensus that this should not be directly replicated in Ireland, but instead it should be a song based on our shared heritage.

Every church in Ireland prays each Sunday (and more) for Ireland and its local communities and facilities. Churches see healing through prayer as a result.
The Irish Blessing merely captures and harnesses the collective power of prayer into one island-wide direction.
Blessing is a profound Biblical practice which still has a dynamic role to play in secular contexts. It is a timely gift which churches can bestow to Ireland during this pandemic.

Guidelines will soon be published on this site to outline the best methods of filming and creative approaches which can be taken.
Local churches will be responsible for participants adhering to the strictest COVID-19 protective measures, as well as GDPR consent, child protection (if applicable), health and safety and local insurance.
When a Church or local group has identified who they wish to dedicate their blessing to, we encourage them to make contact with that community organisation to let them know so that suitable viewing arrangements can be made.
Videos will be made available on our dedicated YouTube Channel and we will post the collaborative video on our social media links. Our team is working with local media so that your efforts will be displayed as widely as possible. The collaborative video will be available for displaying on church websites.
Every church is encouraged to use the hashtag #theirishblessing in public posts and to follow The Irish Blessing via its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Channel and website for further updates.

Our website will publish a centralised resource containing arrangement, sheet music, harmony tracks and guide track, which will go live on: SATURDAY 16th MAY

Churches and their musicians will then have just under week to record their version. The deadline for submission to the resource is: FRIDAY 22nd MAY AT 12 NOON
Early submissions are strongly encouraged. The editorial team will then assemble submissions into a single, representative video.
This island-wide video will be launched on YouTube on: SUNDAY 31st MAY (PENTECOST SUNDAY) @ 11AM
Local videos are encouraged to go live at this time also.
Every church is encouraged to use the hashtag #theirishblessing in public posts and to follow The Irish Blessing via its Facebook, Twitter and this website for further updates.

With God all things are possible.
A GoFundMe page will go live next week in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to support the project.
We have already received great support in people giving of their time and talents and we look forward to seeing not just the creativity of the project, but the fruits that will come from this prayer and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit across Ireland this Pentecost.
Please pray for this initiative and encourage church contacts to participate.


Please spread the word about The Irish Blessing