Congratulations and Blessings

We extend our congratulations to the Musical Director of The Irish Blessing and Creative Director of New Irish Arts, Jonathan Rea, who has been awarded a BEM for his services to music, in Queen Elizabeth’s birthday honours list. Jonathan said;

“In accepting the award, I do so with gratitude to God and to all the lovely people I’ve been privileged to collaborate with… I hope and pray it won’t be too long before we can make live music together again.”  

For those of us for whom music has been a great source of comfort during this time, we are conscious that it is a most difficult time for musicians and all those working in the arts sector. We invite all of you reading this to keep them in your prayers.

As the island, North and South moves into higher restrictions, we are reminded again of the work that many key workers are doing to keep us safe. Whether you work in the health service, public transport, food supply chain, postal service, voluntary sector, ministry, education and childcare, or any of the other key services we rely on to keep us going, The Irish Blessing is dedicated to you and we rededicate it to you at this time. We think also of all those whose livelihoods have been lost or greatly diminished at this time, the arts sector, the hospitality industry and close contact industries and all those who have been made redundant, The Irish Blessing is for you too.


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