• The Irish Blessing Live

    To mark St. Patrick’s Day 2021, approximately one year since COVID restrictions began, we are grateful to our friends in New Irish Arts and Orchestra for providing us with the first ever live performance of The Irish Blessing which can now be viewed on our YouTube Channel. This performance was part of PATRICK – an online event with music and stories celebrating Ireland’s Patron Saint, which was broadcast live from St. Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, on the 13th March. Click here to view the free event in its entirety. The words of St. Patrick’s Breastplate feature as the climax of The Irish Blessing. May these ancient words continue to provide comfort,…

  • The Irish Blessing – A Live Performance

    What a treat we have for fans of The Irish Blessing. On the 13th March at 8pm, New Irish Choir & Orchestra, directed by Jonathan Rea, (also the Musical Director of The Irish Blessing), will be performing a version of The Irish Blessing LIVE at an online event from St. Anne’s Cathedral Belfast, to celebrate the life of Ireland’s Patron Saint, Patrick. Please share this information far and wide. Tickets for the event are free and can be obtained by clicking the link below: Patrick – live from St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast — New Irish Arts or pasting this URL into your browser: https://www.newirisharts.com/events/2021/3/1/patrick-music-and-stories-celebrating-irelands-patron-saint    

  • Congratulations and Blessings

    We extend our congratulations to the Musical Director of The Irish Blessing and Creative Director of New Irish Arts, Jonathan Rea, who has been awarded a BEM for his services to music, in Queen Elizabeth’s birthday honours list. Jonathan said; “In accepting the award, I do so with gratitude to God and to all the lovely people I’ve been privileged to collaborate with… I hope and pray it won’t be too long before we can make live music together again.”   For those of us for whom music has been a great source of comfort during this time, we are conscious that it is a most difficult time for musicians and…

  • Churches in Ireland Blog

    Churches in Ireland is a devoting a series of posts on its blog to the story of The Irish Blessing and how it evolved from an idea, sparked by the international recordings of “The Blessing,” by Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes, into a million+ viewed video and song, with a global reach and resonance. It is a truly remarkable story and the blog will detail the whole journey from idea to reality, with insights from Philip McKinley and Fr. Martin Magill. You can read the first post in the series here. Enjoy!

  • Service of Healing Features Irish Blessing

    The Irish Blessing was featured in a special service of healing which was broadcast on RTE yesterday from the chapel of Cork University Hospital. The service, by the Church of Ireland’s Ministry of Healing Ireland, was led by Lesley Robinson from the RTÉ studio and Canon Daniel Nuzum, Chairman of the Ministry of Healing Ireland. Click here to watch the service on the RTE Player.

  • UCB Ireland

    The Irish Blessing continues to reach new audiences and is featured on the front cover of UCB Ireland’s Word for Today: August / September / October edition. USB Ireland has also made The Irish Blessing their Feature of the Week on their website, which you can visit by clicking here.  

  • A Million Views

    Overnight The Irish Blessing reached ONE MILLION views on our YouTube Channel!  This means that since its release 52 days ago, the Irish Blessing has been viewed an average of: 134,615 times per week, 19,231 times per day, 801 times per hour, 13 times per minute. In that time, our team has received many emails from people, telling us how much The Irish Blessing has meant to them at this difficult time, some sharing their very personal stories and how The Irish Blessing has given them strength or provided comfort. We are truly humbled by this and we give all the glory to our great God, who cannot be outdone in…

  • #2 in UK Christian Chart for July

    The UK Christian Music Chart for July has been released and the great news is that The Irish Blessing 2020 is sitting at #2 on this chart, behind the UK Blessing which is at #1. Given that the Irish Blessing was, in part, inspired by the many beautiful renditions of The Blessing (by Elevation Worship feat. Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes,) which have emerged from every corner of the earth during this time of pandemic, it seems fitting that we find ourselves beside the beautiful version sung by our nearest neighbours in this chart. Thank you so much to all who voted for The Irish Blessing. We give thanks to…

  • Permission to Use The Irish Blessing

    Since its release on the 31st May, The Irish Blessing has been viewed over 890,000 times on YouTube and people from all over the world have taken it to their hearts’.  Every day we get requests from people seeking permission to use it in their streamed church services. The Irish Blessing Team is happy to grant permission to all who wish to use The Irish Blessing in the context of a Christian worship service, whether online, or in their church with a congregation present, (as the recent relaxation in the guidelines now permits.) If you are using The Irish Blessing in the context of any Christian service, you do not…


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