• A Special Prayer

    Br. Darren O’Reilly, a consecrated Brother of Koinonia John the Baptist, offered us all this beautiful prayer today. We thought it deserved a place on our website so that you might pray it together with us,  over the coming days! Lord, Your gift of love, Your promise of presence, Your covenant of hope, are the foundations of this ministry – a project in preparation for centuries, but an alliance from the beginning of age. Your people are suffering, and as we cry out for blessing, for hope, for strength, for new life; we know that You hear, we know that You care and we know that You are in control.…

  • Wow! What a response…

    We are overwhelmed by your response to The Irish Blessing. Our team has been working flat out to ensure that we could assist everyone in getting their files uploaded. If you were able to get your files uploaded before the deadline, well done! There were a few people who were having difficulties getting their files uploaded. As long as you contacted us by email before the 12pm deadline, we will endeavour to assist you. We are working our way through that correspondence. For anyone who missed the deadline, submissions are now closed as we need to hand the submissions over to our production team. Thank you to everyone who has…

  • We are working hard…

    Because you have worked so hard to make your recordings, our team is working hard to ensure that we receive all the submissions. Please be patient with us. It may take a while for us to respond to you but we will do our best to get through the vast correspondence! Keep the prayers going for, “With God all things are possible!”

  • The Power of Prayer

    We’ve had a super response to The Irish Blessing with submissions coming in thick and fast. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to participate. And good news, you still have until 12pm tomorrow to submit, if you haven’t already done so! To bring us the rest of the way, we would ask that you pray for everyone involved in this project; from all of those working in the background to make it happen, to those participating by submitting recordings. Ultimately, this project is all about our frontline workers and all those they are working so hard to help and who need our prayers like never before. In…

  • Deadline For Submissions

    Submissions to The Irish Blessing will close on Friday 22nd May at 12.00pm. This is to ensure our production team has time to edit the final video in time for the launch on Pentecost Sunday 31st May. We would encourage you to get your recordings into us as early as possible. All the information you need to take part can be found on our Resource Pack Page.

  • Naming Your Files

    Wow, there are a lot of people on the ball out there, with submissions coming in thick and fast. It is really important that you stick to the file naming protocol as set out in the instructions or else we won’t be able to use your recordings. We don’t want that to happen to anyone. If you have a uploaded a file already and you haven’t named it as per the protocol, just rename it and upload it again.  

  • Submitting Your Recordings

    When you are ready to submit your recordings, please visit our Ready to Submit page where you will be invited to fill in a subscription form. Please only fill in this form when you are ready to submit a recording. You will then be directed to a page giving you instructions on what to do next. When you do receive your emailed submission link, please choose the appropriate folder to upload your recordings into. We look forward to receiving them.

  • Resource Pack Update

    Wow, what a response to the links on our Resource Pack page!! So much so that people may have had some difficulty accessing the downloads. If you have been sent a link from someone else via email then it may no longer be valid as all the links have been refreshed, but you can access the new links on the Resource Pack page now. We have also added a Backing Tracks Playlist and a Learning Tracks Playlist to the page so that you can stream the tracks directly from your device. Also the Music Tracks and Charts are now available for download directly from our site.


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