Latest Update

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…The response to The Irish Blessing has been amazing with submissions from every corner of Ireland.

The word from our production team is that they are beyond impressed with the quality of submissions, and with the fact that so many of you have shared your musical gifts with us. There is a deep sense of blessing and gratitude amongst the team, as we watch and listen to the recordings. It seems that many of you have taken to heart Matthew 5:13-16. 

This week, the team will be working hard to bring all these individual gifts together into one big gift of blessing, to all the frontline workers and those they care for, across the island North and South. This is a mammoth task as you can imagine, and not one that can be accomplished without your prayerful support.

We would ask you to continue to keep the project and all those involved with it in your prayers. We have been carried to this point by your prayers, as, each step along the way, the seemingly impossible has become possible.

May the Holy Spirit guide and direct The Irish Blessing project.

May it be a blessing to all those involved in it and to all those it is dedicated to.

May it give glory to our Father in heaven, through Christ our Lord.





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