A Special Prayer

Br. Darren O’Reilly, a consecrated Brother of Koinonia John the Baptist, offered us all this beautiful prayer today. We thought it deserved a place on our website so that you might pray it together with us,  over the coming days!


Your gift of love, Your promise of presence, Your covenant of hope, are the foundations of this ministry – a project in preparation for centuries, but an alliance from the beginning of age.

Your people are suffering, and as we cry out for blessing, for hope, for strength, for new life; we know that You hear, we know that You care and we know that You are in control. We don’t know the hows and the whys, but we do know that You are the same; yesterday, today, and forever! You have never abandoned your people, so You won’t abandon us today, and Your promise is eternal!

You have raised up an army of cleaners, carers, nurses, doctors, first-responders, shop-workers, pharmacists; the list goes on. And You are calling Your Church to rise up once again. Like Ezekiel, You call your Church to prophecy – that the Spirit might come from North, South, East and West; from Connacht, Munster, Leinster and Ulster; flooding rural valleys and city streets. That Your Church might courageously proclaim that dry bones might live, because Christ is risen!

We lament with those who are broken, embrace those who are grieving, reach out to those who are lonely, and minister to those who are sick and dying, because You loved us first; and because You love us, all that we do, we do for love.

Forgive us for the times when pride creeps in. Forgive us for the moments when we momentarily take our sights off of You. Above all, forgive us when we doubt that You could have all this in Your control. You are High King, and the victory is won!

Your Church has sung – some with the talent of angelic voices, some of us with more passion than voice – but Your Church has sung a new song. A Church divided by human bickering has sung with the unity of the Trinity. The world might see a fractured body, but Your Body has sung! And we stand on the promise proclaimed so beautifully in the Psalms: How good and beautiful it is when God’s people live in unity… there You command Your blessing, even life, forevermore. (Psalm 133)

Despite the hurdles You have enabled us to overcome already, we are aware that the hard work of bringing all this together, (to Your honour, and for the blessing of Your people,) is just beginning! We release the offering of Your people into the hands of women and men that You have gifted mightily for this season. Be with them as they listen to many hours’ worth of recordings; and as they trim and merge tracks, may the words of this Irish blessing bless them too! Be Lord, their vision, their wisdom, their armour and Your Word, their sword. Let Your Spirit flood this nation through the ministry they are engaged in, and may it guide the plough over these next nine days!

And let it be, that this Pentecost, we see Your Holy Spirit continue to transform lives, and witness this island’s children born again with new life in Christ: a glimpse of, “Thy Kingdom Come!”

In the powerful name of Christ Jesus, risen from the dead and alive in our midst, we make our prayer.



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