Permission to Use The Irish Blessing

Since its release on the 31st May, The Irish Blessing has been viewed over 890,000 times on YouTube and people from all over the world have taken it to their hearts’.  Every day we get requests from people seeking permission to use it in their streamed church services.

The Irish Blessing Team is happy to grant permission to all who wish to use The Irish Blessing in the context of a Christian worship service, whether online, or in their church with a congregation present, (as the recent relaxation in the guidelines now permits.)

If you are using The Irish Blessing in the context of any Christian service, you do not need to seek additional permission from the team.

As a team we are grateful to all of you who have liked and shared and used The Irish Blessing.

Philippians 1:3-6

You can find The Irish Blessing by clicking the photo below.



Please spread the word about The Irish Blessing