Guidelines will soon be published on this site to outline the best methods of filming and creative approaches which can be taken.

Local churches will be responsible for participants adhering to the strictest COVID-19 protective measures, as well as GDPR consent, child protection (if applicable), health and safety and local insurance.

When a Church or local group has identified who they wish to dedicate their blessing to, we encourage them to make contact with that community organisation to let them know so that suitable viewing arrangements can be made.

Videos will be made available on our dedicated YouTube Channel and we will post the collaborative video on our social media links. Our team is working with local media so that your efforts will be displayed as widely as possible. The collaborative video will be available for displaying on church websites.

Every church is encouraged to use the hashtag #theirishblessing in public posts and to follow The Irish Blessing via its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Channel and website for further updates.



Please spread the word about The Irish Blessing