All local Irish churches, North, South, East and West, are warmly invited to participate in recording a common blessing for a local cause dealing with Coronavirus.

Churches, choirs and Christian groups are encouraged to co-ordinate a recording of their members singing the agreed hymn. They are asked to dedicate their blessing to a group in their local community, such as; a local health centre, hospital, nursing home or charity, or even a prison, women’s shelter or refugee centre. Each Church will choose who they dedicate their blessing to and they will be invited to share it at an agreed time on their own social media, as well as with us.

A central guide track and guidelines provided will be provided and shared on this website on Saturday 16th May.

We want all churches to know that they are included in this initiative. We want to encourage the widest possible participation, denominationally, geographically and also in terms of backgrounds of age, ethnicity and abilities, all representing the richness of an Irish Blessing and the spirit of Pentecost.


Please spread the word about The Irish Blessing